We here at Canine Motivated enjoyed Halloween so much this year that we’ve decided to extend it through the end of the year! In the spirit of Halloween and to show our thanks to you and your canine companions, we are going to have a contest:

What: Dress your dog up in a costume, take a picture, and send it to caninemotivated@gmail.com. You are automatically enter to win a care package from Canine Motivated to show our thanks in raising awareness for animal-assisted therapy

Where: “Heroes” at https://caninemotivated.wordpress.com

When: Now through December 2009

Why: Canine Motivated’s heroes are the men, women and children battling disabilities who are brave enough to continue fighting, despite their conditions. Every hero needs a sidekick. Make Your Dog a Hero today.

Any costume is accepted. Help us raise awareness for canine therapy for persons with disabilities.

December 1 Update: Thanks to everyone who submitted a picture so far ( even a cat wanted to get in on the fun!) Here are the results!


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